What does ‘Day Zero’ mean for Cape Town?

Our global economies and population continue to grow faster than our water resources can sustain, and water scarcity is becoming a global problem that is putting more stress on regions already suffering extremely dry weather. Cape Town in South Africa will become the first major city in the world to run out of water. The city initially set up “Day Zero”, marking the first day of no water availability, on April 21st but has now been pushed up to April 12th.

What does ‘Day Zero’ mean?  ‘Day Zero’ marks the day when water supplies in Cape Town’s reservoirs will drop below 13.5% and almost all taps in the city of Cape Town will be turned off. Residents will, then, have to queue for water.

After two years of drought, the reservoirs supplying the city are running dry, authorities requested to reduce individual consumption to 23 gallons of water per day to avoid reaching  the point of no return; however, around three-fifths of the 4.5million people ignored the restriction. To prevent “Day Zero”, authorities are now limiting residents water consumption to 13 gallons per day per person from February 1st (To put this in perspective, the average American uses 88 gallons of water per day)

Cape Town might become the first major city to experience a water crisis, but it will certainly not be the last one. With temperatures breaking records, addressing water issues will require ingenuity, investment and effort.

The devastating reality of this situation hits close to home for us since one member of our Falcon family is from South Africa, where his family still lives. Here at Falcon, as a company dedicated to creating easy to implement technological water conservation solutions, we adamantly advocate actions to create a future with clean running water for everyone. We believe that small, yet impactful changes can make an incremental difference when added up together, and we are constantly collaborating with non-profits, such as DigDeep, on initiatives that ensure no one is left without water.

As a Southern California based company, we are no stranger to living in an area prone to dry spells and without a crystal ball to predict our water future, our only solution is to be over prepared. Green building, water efficient technologies such as our Waterfree and Hybrid technologies coupled with smart water storage, recycling, stormwater capture and other sustainable practices can help mitigate drought conditions.

Interested in installing our technology in South Africa?  Please reach out to our partner The Good Earth https://www.thegoodearth.co.za/