“We Believe in Collaboration” – An Interview with Ned Goldsmith

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ned Goldsmith, the “Mad Scientist” of Falcon Waterfree Technologies, about how Falcon’s technology stays ahead of industry trends.

Five years ago this month, Ned skateboarded to his first meeting at Falcon’s Los Angeles Headquarters armed with his genius and a prototype made of some cut up pieces from Bed, Bath and Beyond, glued together with silicone. After eating breakfast with one former Falcon employee a couple of weeks prior to that fateful meeting, he spent his evenings reviewing Falcon’s patent portfolio. The result surprised me. He brought a solution to address the exact problem Falcon Waterfree wanted to solve at that time, and has been solving problems for the company ever since.

When we started on our journey, we decided to pave our own way instead of following the ‘usual’ way to do things. Sometimes taking the road less traveled is the most rewarding.

Simon A. Davis: Coming from the oh-so-cool hockey industry to the wonderful world of plumbing fixtures, what were your first impressions of this industry?

Ned Goldsmith: I’ve always had a passion for innovation, and the hockey industry was fun, but what I really wanted to do was work in the sustainability sector. The only issue was, I needed someone willing to take a risk on an outsider. Falcon gave me that chance. Once I entered, everything was new, and you know— sometimes it’s nice to be the fresh set of eyes.

SD: A fresh set of eyes can show a different set of possibilities, and it helps not knowing how big the mountain is that you are trying to climb.

NG: [Laughs] Oh man, I think part of the success was not understanding how big the challenge was. When you come into something new, you have the impression that everything and anything is possible.

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