Why is it SO GOOD to buy from a B Corp?

What if you could get more for what you are paying for? In our busy lives, we are always purchasing stuff— things that we need or simply want (No judgement, we all do it)

However, what if your money could go even further and do something good for your community and the environment? By checking the company’s commitment to social and environmental values, your money could be creating change in the world.

The “B” in B Corporations stands for “Benefit”.  As a B Corp, we are a force for good that creates better jobs for our employees and is proudly part of a community committed to going above and beyond traditional standards.

Although B Corps do not receive any specific tax benefits, we are subject to rigorous standards regulating our practices and policies to ensure accountability and transparency.

In order to become a B Corporation a company must fill out the B Impact Assessment, that requires for-profit businesses to evaluate their impact on their employees, customers, communities and environment and score at least 80 out of the 200 points available. Thanks to the joint efforts of Simon A. Davis, President and CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies and Andrea Chase, Marketing and Product Director and Chair of B Local Los Angeles, in 2013 we joined the community and were first certified. This week, four years and one re-certification later, we received our second re-certification! (Click here to check our B Corporation website)

“Falcon Waterfree Technologies was founded on the principle of ecological conservation.  Becoming a B Corp shows that Falcon has taken these founding principles and embedded them across the board in our business’s operational and general daily practices.  B Corp status unites us with other like-minded companies with the same ethical vision to help improve the world in which we live,” –  Simon A. Davis, President & CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies

If our journey inspires you, take the Impact Assessment, see where your company ranks and contact us. We love to collaborate with other companies to move towards a more sustainable world!