Last night was epic, and although you might have not seen us on TV last night, Falcon Waterfree Technologies was there. That’s right. Falcon has been helping the Dodgers Stadium to achieve their sustainability goals through our water efficient fixtures since 2010.

Stadiums are renowned environmental disruptors. However, in recent years, sustainability has become a key issue for new and old sport venues, transforming these invasive steel giants into environmentally responsible beacons.

Water efficient urinals are known for their hygiene and water reductions and, when the urinal fixtures are properly maintained, they are the perfect example of how a small switch can create an impactful change in a facility. The Dodgers‘ roughly 250 fixtures have been helping push forward the stadium’s sustainability initiatives.

Along with the use of our water conserving fixtures and cartridges, the Dodger Stadium has also continued their sustainability initiatives by

  • Exchanging asphalt islands to trees and landscaping in the parking lots
  • Planting drought-tolerant trees such as palm, jacaranda, avocado and lemon trees and succulent plants around the stadium.
  • Adding bike lanes and racks in the neighbourhood.
  • Offering thirsty fans assistant centers to refill their water bottles.
  • Encouraging fans to use metro and taxis at their new well-lit transportation hub.

Sustainable thinking on stadiums not only provides maximum returns to the owner but also makes the venue a long-lasting symbol to the local community.

Although we were not the winners of this World Series, we are proud of our Dodgers and all their sustainability efforts and excited to see what we can accomplish in 2018! Go Blue!