What Your Restroom Says About Your Business

Stop damaging your business’ reputation! People can tell a lot by visiting your restroom, and a cluttered and unsanitary experience can ruin your loyal customer base.  

Business owners in the 21st century have been taking notes from the hospitality industry and are looking for more when it comes to attracting their target audiences. Focus is shifting to captivate their customers with long-standing experiences, which includes restroom design, as part of their advantage point to long-term success.

For most consumers, restrooms are an indicator of the quality of the business/organization as a whole. If your restroom is not clean, your customer may be heading towards the exit door right away.

Cleanliness is Essential

Maintaining a high level of hygiene is no easy task and can possibly damage your organization’s reputation beyond repair if restrooms are not up to par.

Often times, keeping a perpetually clean restroom comes down to management, rather than resources. Many businesses rely on strict cleaning schedules such as a thorough cleaning every 15-30 minutes or a cleaning checklist that requires employees to check the restroom at least two times per shift. Some other business owners designate a manager to schedule the cleaning, instead of an employee, who most of the time do not want to commit to the task. Escalating the responsibility and removing the possible argument between employees will help make sure that your team is committed to providing the best restroom experience.

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It’s all in the Details

Nowadays, sustainability and environmental stewardship is making its way into mainstream, and your restroom can reflect this forward-thinking by cutting down on water and energy costs by installing low-flush toilets, motion sensor lighting, faucets, and waterfree or hybrid urinals.

With today’s attractive commercial-grade products, your restroom should no longer sacrifice beauty in favor of durability or environmentalism.  Such upgrades are an easy way to elevate your organization’s public image and saving you substantially a lot of money in the long run.

Make your commercial restroom a part of your overall corporate image, and elevate the way your customers see you!

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