Can you imagine a day without water?

A day with no coffee, unflushed toilets, closed hospitals. Farmers would not be able to water their crops. Firefighters would not be able to stop fires. In the United States, around 1.3 million Americans already struggle to live without water every day.

Today, we are raising awareness for the third annual Imagine a Day Without Water to educate Americans about the value of water and the water needs facing our nation.

Emerging water quality and access issues have quickly turned uncontaminated drinking water into a luxury in some areas of the United States, currently, over 3,000 communities have at least double the lead contamination in their water supply than Flint, Michigan- the most famous threatened watershed.(1)

Our ageing water infrastructure, which is in need of urgent replacement and upgrades, is threatening the safety of our population’s water suppy. Dams, reservoirs and canals are essential to deliver drinking water, irrigate our food, brew our beer, and build cars and computers- all items that keep our quality of life high and our economies healthy and growing.

As a B Corporation, Falcon Waterfree Technologies empowers local communities to build long-term sustainable infrastructures, protecting and preserving water for all. This year, along with our long-standing partner, Dig Deep, we are helping bring the children of St. Michael’s Association for Special Education (SMASE), the only special needs school in the entire Navajo Reservation, safe water.  For these kids, whose water supply contains unsafe levels of lead and arsenic, they do not have to imagine what it would be like. They already know what is to live a day without water.

Please check the Tales of Two Minutes with Michael Phelps & Colgate: Clean Water for St. Michael’s from VICE below: