Why You Should Always Do Business with a B Corp

What does the “B” in B Corp stand for?  Second-rate products? Of course not!

The “B” stands for “Benefit, which means we are part of a community committed to going above and beyond to benefit our communities and society as a whole. The B-Corp coalition is a growing movement that redefines success in business by using our innovation and capacity for growth to focus not only on making money but also on doing good, such as restoring the environment and building more resilient communities.

All B Corporations must take the B Impact Assessment and score highly enough on a host of metrics to become a certified B Corp. This assessment requires for-profit businesses to evaluate their impact on the environment, their workers, their customers, and their communities; while meeting the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

This week the global B Corp Community is celebrating their annual Champions’ Retreat, an event that affirms and advances our commitment to harnessing the power of business to create benefit for everyone impacted by the business, not just the shareholders.

Each year has a different focus. This year we are focusing on Interdependence, the recognition that we are each dependent on one another and thus responsible for each other and future generations. We are not insular organisms, and in order to be successful in moving towards a successful and shared prosperity, we must align and collaborate with each other and with other movements to fight for social, environmental and economic justice.

So, when you do business with us or acquire our technologies through our multiple global partners such as Sloan, here in North America, VitrA in Turkey or Corona in Latin America- you are supporting the idea of using business as a force for good. You are helping us make a positive impact in the world and fulfill our commitment to sustainability.