What is a High-Performance Key Valve Cartridge?

If you’re in the U.S, you probably already know of our cartridge technology, the Velocity cartridge.

However, did you know that we have another revolutionary technology available to the rest of the world?

Our High-Performance Key-Valve® (HPKV) Technology provides the best user experience, including faster flow rates and odor control, through our patent-pending umbrella valve technology. Plus, just like our Velocity cartridge, the HPKV, when used in combination with our Key-Ring, cues you when to replace it.  Oh, and did we mention it has a smaller environmental footprint? A win for your restroom and a win for the environment.

How does it work?

Our “dry” technology offers you:

  1. More than 2x Faster Flow Rate: Forget backups! Our High-Performance Key-Valve® technology provides more than twice the flow rate of its forerunner model and competitor’s currently in the market.
  2. Easy-Retrofitting: This faster flow rate also allows the HPKV’s to retrofit a flush urinal to a hybrid urinal (that functions waterfree on a daily basis and flushes on a timed basis) without overflowing.
  3. More robust technology through cartridge lifespan: You and your customers will love that our robust technology lasts better for the duration of the valve’s lifespan, saving you of any complaints of odor in your restroom.
  4. Easy maintenance: We want to keep your maintenance staff happy. That’s why our patented Key-Ring® dissolves with use, providing a visual signal that helps you know when your cartridge needs to be changed.

For more information about our water-conserving technologies, click here and find your closest representative.