Are Water Scarcity and Droughts Affecting Europe?

Water is life and a prerequisite for any country’s economic and social progress. However, it is a finite resource, and there is less than 1% of fresh water available for human consumption. Developed countries, such as the United States, might not be usually associated with water scarcity. However, just like in America, water is also becoming a luxury in Europe. Europe might not be an arid continent, but water demand has continued to rise, putting more stress on already depleted resources.

Across Europe, there are large spatial and temporal differences in the amount of water resources available. Water scarcity occurs when there are long-term imbalances of water availability exceeding the supply capacity of the natural system, which can occur either in areas of low rainfall, high population density, intensive irrigation and/or industrial activity. *

Droughts, on the other hand, are a temporary decrease in water availability due to several factors, one of them being, rainfall deficiency (a meteorological drought). Learn about the 4 types of drought here. The impact of a drought can bring imbalances in the supply and water demands in an already low water region or where water resources are not properly managed. Over the last thirty years*, Europe has seen a dramatic increase in number and intensity of droughts.

To fight water scarcity, European countries have been encouraging population to:

  • Add penalties to excessive consumption and discounts for water savings
  • Target funding for improved land-use planning in new developments, promotion of sustainable agriculture
  • Increase the use of mapping and warning systems in drought risk management systems
  • Use of water efficient technologies to reduce water consumption and wastewater. In Europe, Falcon Waterfree Technologies has two waterfree cartridge technologies in the market, designed to help eliminate or greatly reduce water consumption. The HPKV could be described as our “dry” technology (HPKV) and the Velocity Cartridge is our “wet” one.  Click here for more info about the HPKV
  • Foster a water-saving culture through education and information.

Demand for water will continue to increase across the globe. To protect our water resources and eliminate a potential crisis, commit to sustainability today. For more information about our water-conserving technologies and on how to reduce your water consumption, click here and find your closest representative.


Water Scarcity & Droughts in the European Union