Getting Water-Saving Smart With: The Rose Bowl

The proud home of the Tournament of Roses Football GameUCLA Bruin Football, Americafest Fourth of July celebration and the World’s Largest Flea Market has been using Falcon’s water-conserving technology since 2003.

Stadiums consume large amounts of energy and water, making them one of the biggest disruptors of environments. In the last few years, thanks to efforts from teams, owners and interleague initiatives such as the Green Sports Alliance, sustainability has transformed some of these steel and concrete giants into environmentally responsible beacons, exposing audiences to green building and playing an essential role in supporting sustainability.  When you are designing a new stadium, sustainability can be embedded throughout the entire design process but, what happens with already established stadiums and this “new” sustainable approach?

Although, there is no magic trick, water-efficient fixtures can aid in sustainable practices and initiatives. After the installation of 259 water–efficient fixtures, the Rose Bowl is the perfect example that with proper maintenance these fixtures will function flawlessly for many years.

These urinals work well whether we have a full house or an empty building.  The maintenance and clean-up of the urinals is extremely simple.  During periods when we are “dark” or when there is very little usage, the urinals require virtually no maintenance whatsoever.” Jess Walters, Assistant General Manager of Rose Bowl Operating Company. Click here and learn how to change the Velocity cartridge.

Velocity Cartridge

With the Velocity cartridge, the National Historic Landmark has been able to eliminate end user complaints about bad smell and complaints from maintenance staff about replacing sealant. And, there is more! Our latest cartridge innovation also eliminates the mess and build-up of old technology (and any competitor’s current cartridges), have better sealant retention, prevent debris from entering the cartridge (protecting you from restroom-defacing hoodlums) and last, but not least, it has a visual cue to let you know when to replace it!

We are extremely pleased with Falcon Waterfree technology performance.  These urinals work well.  We have not experienced any odor issues or cartridge failures.” Jess Walters, Assistant General Manager of Rose Bowl Operating Company.