What is the One Water Approach?

America’s water future is experiencing two divergent and mutually inclusive challenges.

One challenge is driven by escalating instances of droughts, flooding, water contamination and water scarcity. The other challenge is related to the transformative solutions that stewards of water (such as utility managers, manufacturers, and community leaders) are trying to set into place to secure and protect our water resources for current and future generations.  

One Water approach, from the US Water Alliance, covers the six core areas related to water security, including: reliable and resilient water utilities; thriving cities; sustainable agriculture; competitive business and industry; social and economic inclusion; and healthy waterways.

The main objective of these interdependent focuses is to show America’s progress in managing water resources. Water solutions are complex and deeply interwoven. This road map functions as a logical structure to both over-viewing central issues and transformative strategies and case studies to address these issues.

One Water’s focus on Competitive Businesses and Industry (#3) is particularly crucial in the development of a long-term sustainable water future.  Especially given the current political landscape, it’s now more important for businesses to fill the gap and to continue America’s leadership in sustainability.

From heating and cooling, to manufacturing and production, every industry requires water to thrive and grow. Water scarcity can impact bottom lines, create operational risks and power shortages that can represent a loss of $43.5 billion in sales and $22.5 billion in GDP for only one day without water.

According to the “Global Water Report 2015”, for nearly two-thirds of companies worldwide water is a business risk, and 44 percent foresee water scarcity negatively impacting their business in the next three years.

The One Water approach provides a holistic system that business leaders can integrate at the heart of business investments, company-wide risk assessments, strategic planning, and sustainability goals to approach their companies’ water footprints, identifying and prioritizing investments that achieve maximum environmental and sustainable impact that benefit water resources and the corporate bottom line.

In a world emphasizing the need for companies to minimize their water footprint, Falcon’s water conservation technologies are the best bet to provide measurable water savings in your commercial facility.

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