HACK: Obtain Your LEED Certification in 2017!

Greenbuild is around the corner. (Nov 08th-10th to be exact!)

If you and your team are planning to complete a LEED review before the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building takes place, you will need to submit your project for review on time.

Click here to access the timelines to submit for review and achieve LEED certification in 2017. These deadlines do not take into consideration possible appeal reviews, which typically take between 20-25 business days. Expedited appeal reviews are available, and take around 10 business days.

Take into consideration that if your project team is planning to achieve a review milestone by a specific date, inform the GBCI of your needs. Reviewers might be able to accommodate your needs, depending on their capacity.

LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings at all phases of development, encouraging buildings to become water and energy efficient.

Among the benefits of LEED certified buildings are:

  • additional governmental funding,
  • lower operating costs,
  • an increase of employees’ productivity,
  • and a boost of positive perception among the public.

Projects must address sustainability concerns across five different categories:  water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, the use of materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality.  

The number of points your building earns determines the level of LEED certification it receives, and there are four levels of certification:

  • Certified (40–49 points)
  • Silver (50–59 points)
  • Gold (60–79 points)
  • Platinum (80+ points)


A simple way to obtain maximum LEED points is to use the water-energy nexus in your favor and reduce the water demand of your building by designing all LEED compliant restroom facilities. Water efficient fixtures such as Falcon’s Hybrid technology* make a change that can help you build a long-term and sustainable infrastructure.   

*Available through Sloan in the North American market.