The 2017 Sustainability Leaders

Sustainability is not a buzzword. It’s the future. 

Last month, GlobeScan, a strategy consultancy and SustainAblity, a think tank, advisory firm and a sister BCorp company, published the results of their “2017 Survey: Sustainability Leaders”, marking 20 years of tracking expert opinions on the evolution of sustainability from the organizations driving it forward.

The Survey quantified the opinions of over 1,000 qualified experts in 79 countries from the following sectors:

  • Corporate
  • Government (including multi-lateral institutions)
  • NGO’s
  • Institutional (e.g. academics)
  • Service (e.g. consultants, media)

The Sustainability Revolution: A Business Paradigm Shift

From 1997-2006, heavy industrial companies and fossil giants, such as Shell, BP, GE and Dow dominated the list of corporate leaders. However, in 2007, a new era began. Suddenly, companies started to implement healthy economic, social and environmental processes that could increase their corporate resilience. Sustainability efforts became stronger each year, and consuming-facing brands, such as Unilever and Patagonia positioned themselves as the new leaders in this arena.

We can only expect this evolution to become more demanding. In fact, the survey indicates that more and more companies are demonstrating a fundamentally different governance philosophy than the traditional shareholder-centric corporation, and the integration of sustainability in their vision, strategy, innovation and transparency are the qualities of the future leading companies.

The survey shows that sustainability also needs a committed executive leadership to embed sustainability across all operations. Without a potent pioneer as a leader, a company does not achieve sustainable long-term success.

As a BCorp, we are proud to be strongly committed to our environmental and social stewardships, where no greenwashing takes place, and where people like YOU can support businesses engage in practices that demonstrate that our products and services benefits the lives of everyone.

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