Quick Guide to Comply with LA’s EBEWE

LA’s Existing Building Energy and Water Efficiency Ordinance (EBEWE) has passed an extension for the initial benchmarking deadline fromJuly 1st to November 1st, 2017; giving building owners of 100,000 square feet buildings additional time to comply.

The consequences of non-compliance are:

  1. Public disclosure 
  2. Fees and penalties from the City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
  3. Potential financing and transaction complications

How to Comply

For the first phase of the Ordinance, building owners must complete a benchmarking report through the Energy Star Portfolio Manager summarizing the annual energy and water performance for each building, and submit it to the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety.  

No matter where you are at in the process, here is a guide that will help you:

  1. If you are new to Energy Star Portfolio Manager, click here to access your fresh start guide.
  2. If you are already using Energy Star Portfolio. BUT, you are missing some electricity, gas or water data. Click here for your Head Start Guide.
  3. Now, if you have been tracking your whole building electricity, gas and water use (and last year’s utilities data is in ESPM). Plus, you have been using Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Congratulations! Click here and access your Fast Start Guide.

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