Why our Water Technology is the Perfect Summer Renovation for your Educational Facility

With kids on vacation, Summer is the perfect time for less busy educational facilities to get more out of your renovations and overall maintenance.

Our high-efficiency and Hybrid technologies not only save you water, but also reduce the cost of performing expensive repairs and spare you the anxiety of dealing with vandalized plumbing fixtures.

“As our maintenance and operation budgets continually strained over the last few years, the Falcon urinals have proven to be of great benefit in saved man-hours and reduced overall maintenance costs.“ Ted E. Rozzi- Assistant Superintendent of Facilities. Corona-Norco School District.

After testing different styles and brands of urinals, the increasing benefits of our High-efficient technology persuaded Corona-Norco School District officials to  mandate the installation of our technology in all new men’s restrooms.

In 2016, The Department of Environmental Protection in New York along with The City College of New York implemented a cost-effective water conservation and efficiency project. To achieve their goal of reducing the amount of water wasted per toilet/urinal per each use, the educational institution installed 36 Hybrid Retrofit urinals to replace all inefficient models campus-wide.

On top of this, your maintenance staff will also thank you for eliminating their previous headaches related to hard scale build up, odors and pipe clogging.

““Back-ups” have virtually disappeared. Service calls for flushometers have been completely eliminated – reducing costs for the parts necessary for those repairs. Odors are non-existent; it’s also a “green project”, saving water. To date the 172 urinals we have installed have saved us around 5 million gallons of water per year. “ Christopher R. Benker—Director of Maintenance, Operations and Facilities. La Mesa- Spring Valley School District

Retrofit your educational facility’s restrooms today and get up to $500 back with a commercial water rebate that we will even help you process for free! Click here or Email us