What’s a Hybrid Urinal?

Unless you have no internet access, living under a rock or both, you know what a hybrid car is. However, do you know what a hybrid urinal is? Hint: It has nothing to do with electricity

In biology, a hybrid means a crossbreed, which is the product of combining the qualities of two animals or plants. In the case of our hybrid technology, it means that our urinals are waterfree during daily use and a flush urinal in the back end that automatically ejects a full gallon (4 liter) flush through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours, resulting in the below benefits:

  1. LEED points! Since The Hybrid, works as a waterfree urinal on a daily basis, it earns you maximum LEED Points.
  2. No more bucket dumping and bottle brush cleaning for your maintenance staff. (They are going to be happy about this one)
  3. Water Savings = Money Savings!
  4. No more calcite buildup! Water-flushing urinals can cause calcite, a hard substance that accumulates within the urinal trap and drain line, resulting in clogged drain lines, backups and bad odor. No Bueno.
  5. Since our hybrid functions without a regular supply of water, urine forms a water-soluble substance called struvite that the gallon of water eliminates, keeping your housing and pipes clean of any sediment build up.
  6. It’s cheaper than a Tesla. So, everyone can own a hybrid urinal! Although, we really recommended it to be installed in commercial facilities.

Not convinced yet? Check what the LADWP says about out Hybrid.

Thinking that this is just for new construction? Think again, because we got you, old construction! Our Hybrid Urinal also comes in a retrofit model that can easily upgrade almost all existing flush urinals. Both models are available through Sloan.

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