Specing for water conservation? A Tip from Leach Mounce Architects

Formed in 1990, Leach Mounce Architects is a Californian corporation that has a reputation of achieving maximum value for their clients by using only the most reliable technology in the market, optimization of floor plans and their overall approach of designing delightful working environments.

With more than 25 years of specialized expertise, Leach Mounce Architects has an ample portfolio that includes clients such as: law enforcement facilities, fire stations, libraries, communications centers, crime laboratories, detention facilities and civic centers.

Here in California, we have always struggled with dry weather, so it comes as no surprise that this architectural firm decided to rely on our waterfree urinals to compensate for the water conservation mandates and overpopulation demands while at the same time saving money to their customers.

“Water is not an unlimited commodity; we are one of the few countries who enjoy clean water instantly. In my role as an architect, I have found zero-water consumption urinals to be beneficial for a number of reasons: reduced water consumption, less discharge to sanitary sewers, and reduced operating and maintenance costs. They are also more sanitary than traditional urinals.  These safe, sanitary, hygienic plumbing fixtures have the potential to save public schools, community colleges, and state owned building millions of gallons of water while at the same time improving restroom hygiene.” – Judt Hoewisch

To enhance the synergy effects of our waterfree urinal technology, the firm has adopted our Velocity Cartridge, which retain its sealant barrier even during harsh maintenance practices, and can effectively eliminate the mess and build up (associated with our older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges).

Interested in forgetting the headache of smelly restrooms and splash back to your clients? Great!


And, if you are interested on our waterfree or our latest hybrid technology, we take the hassle out of dealing with the water audits all by yourself, and offer FREE turnkey water rebate services to upgrade your commercial restrooms. Sounds good?

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