“Embrace Water-Saving Technologies”: An Interview with Martin Richards

As part of our sales strategy,  we partner with key distributors all around the world, and today, we are sharing an interview with Martin Richards, Director of Smarti Limited in the UK.

What’s the history of Smarti Limited?

Smarti environmental was established in 2014, as part of our UK Group Full View Group to concentrate solely on the delivery and development of waterless urinal technology and other complimentary environmental products.

Why did you decide to partner with Falcon Waterfree Technologies?

Trust is one crucial lever to build a successful commercial relationship, for this reason we wanted to work only with suppliers and technology whom we could fully trust. When Falcon became of the owners of our Swiss providers, we were delighted of this transition, because it gave us the opportunity to expand our water efficient technology offering across our portfolio.

What are the benefits our Waterfree Technologies (HPKV and Velocity) provide to UK consumers?

Falcon’s technologies provide money and water savings to businesses in the UK, especially larger corporations, which are always looking ways to reduce their carbon and environmental footprint.

What have been the reactions of your customers towards the Velocity Cartridge? HPKV?

Through our new service- pay as you save and health care plan, Smarti has been able to demonstrate solid evidence that these technologies work, which includes virtually odor free restrooms, water and money savings. You can learn more about our complete water free urinal service and health care package here.

As a B Corp, we believe in harnessing the power of business to help build a more sustainable community. We’d love to hear more about your charitable the work. Which charities do you currently support?

We believe that everyone should commit to water conservation, and we help our customers embrace water saving technologies through the support and guaranteed performance of our products. Plus, for every service sale that we get, we share a percentage of our profits to Water-Aid, a global water conservation charity.

On top of this, we also support local UK charities such as the Homeless and the Brain Tumor Cancer Research in the UK. After one of my friends battled this disease, I personally set myself to the challenge of running 1000 miles in 2017 to raise funds for brain tumor research. So far, I have been able to raise over £700.00 and have run just over 230 miles since Jan 1.