Falcon To Match Every Donation to DigDeep on April 6th

At Falcon, we believe our responsibility is to give back to our communities and environment. Water poverty is an increasing problem all around the globe, including the United States, and DigDeep, a close partner of ours, is helping to move the US towards a future with clean running water for everyone.   

On World Water Day, we introduced you to St. Michael’s Association for Special Education (SMASE), a school here in the US that has never had access to clean, running water — even though they serve 24 special needs students and more than 30 special needs adults from three different states.

The only special needs school in the entire Navajo Reservation has been been completely relying on bottled water for nearly a decade for cleaning medical equipment like tracheotomy or gastrostomy tubes.

“This hits home when I think about my students…. How medically fragile they are, how compromised their immune systems are. It’s horrible to think what would happen if that water where to ever get into their bodies.” Jessie Gross, Special Educator

Today, we are happy to announce that Falcon Waterfree Technologies has vowed to match any donation (up to $10,000) given to DigDeep on April 06, 2017.

“It’s easy for Americans to believe that water scarcity is only an issue in third world countries and overlook our own failing infrastructure and water impoverished citizens at home.  Although Falcon focuses on the development of high performance water conservation products, that is only one part of the solution.  We are thrilled to be afforded this wonderful opportunity with Dig Deep to help support a school in dire need of a new water infrastructure.  We cannot wait to roll up our sleeves and help out in any way possible to get these kids the clean water they deserve and so desperately need.” Simon A. Davis, President & CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

Together, we can make sure that students and staff will have reliable access to safe, clean running water – their basic human right.

We invite you to join us and help by making a contribution (that we will be matching) to SMASE at https://falconwatermatch.funraise.org/