Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide: Replacing Your Velocity Cartridge

It’s that time of the year when a spring cleaning is in order, and your high performance urinals are no different! It’s the perfect time to replace the Velocity cartridge in of your units!

To perform this task, you’ll require a urinal bottle brush, a cleaning rag, an eco-friendly cleaner, a bucket of water, our PRO-key and of course, our Velocity Cartridge.

After getting all your tools together:

  1. Spray surface of the bowl with eco-friendly cleaner and wipe
  2. Insert PRO-key at a 45 degree angle into holes on top of the cartridge
  3. Turn key to left to unlock
  4. Lift and tilt cartridge to drain all liquids
  5. Place cartridge into bag, tie bag to seal and dispose
  6. Spray eco-friendly cleaner into housing
  7. Use urinal bottle brush to clean the housing drain line exit
  8. Dump a gallon bucket of hot water into the housing. If hot water is not available, cold water would do just fine.
  9. Place new Velocity Cartridge with logo at 11 o’clock
  10. Turn key a quarter to lock it in at 12 o’clock. Logo will be facing straight up once fully locked in.

Download your Cleaning Checklist for High Performance Urinals

Tips to maintain our high performance urinals

Keep a log to track cartridge changes

Keep a log to track cartridge changes and maintenance and move to a scheduled change out, just like a maintenance company would do for all the light bulbs  in your facility.

Write down the date when you change your cartridge

Don’t know how often you have to change our Velocity cartridge? Write down the date when you change your cartridge, so next time you have to change it you’ll know how long the cartridge will last in your facility.


Haven’t tried our Velocity cartridge? Click here and learn about the key benefits of our Velocity Cartridge, which includes better sealant retention, odor-free restrooms and cleaner pipes and housing.