The Oroville Dam: The First of Many More Emergencies to Come

A couple of weeks ago, around 200,000 people living near Oroville Dam were forced out of their homes when for the first time since the Oroville Dam opened in 1968, water managers ordered an unexpected emergency spillway, which subsequently began to erode, presenting a threat of catastrophic flooding in nearby towns.

This is the wettest season on record in the Golden State- 35% more precipitation than the previous record year, highlighted the need to improve the water infrastructure in California.

According to Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute, “California will get the worst of all possible worlds – more flooding in the winter, less available water in the summer.”

In a hotter world, climate change will not only aggravate the conditions in both wet and hot dry years, but it will also add more stress to our already fragile aging water infrastructure, a concern that should stop being ignored.

2017 Water Rate Increases in Southern California
2017 Water Rate Increases in Southern California

To overcome this potential crisis, local governments will rely in increases on water fees for funding, just like they have been doing throughout these years. The consequence of not acting now, will double the amount of the entire existing restoration to up to more than $2 trillion.

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