Get LEED Certified: Tip from the National Resource Defense Council

The National Resource Defense Council‘s (NRDC) mission is to protect all living organisms that depend on Earth’s natural resources for survival —including people, plants, animals, and natural systems. More than two million NRDC members worldwide (including 500 scientists, lawyers and policy advocates) come together to form a widespread network ensuring the rights of all people to clean air, clean water, and healthy communities.

As one of the nation’s most powerful environmental groups, NRDC needed to lead by example and align their Santa Monica office building with their environmental mission. To achieve a LEED Certification, the most widely used third-party verification around the world, the organization turned to renovating the original 1920’s headquarters office building.

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, encourages facilities to use less water and energy, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to provide healthier indoor environmental qualities. To obtain their LEED Platinum Certification, NRDC implemented a myriad of improvements including water and energy conservation technologies such as Falcon/Sloan waterfree urinals   and environment-friendly sound proof materials.

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Green building is a widely adopted global trend, expected to continue its exponential growth in the U.S. According to the “World Green Building Trends 2016”, three of the most important reasons for green building in this country are that it encourages sustainable business practice and reduces water and energy consumption, helping you keep money where it belongs, in your pockets. In fact, your sustainable building project may qualify for additional governmental funding sources.

Here, at Falcon, we take the hassle out of dealing with the water audits all by yourself, and offer FREE turnkey water rebate services to upgrade your commercial restrooms to our waterfree urinals and hybrid.

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