What’s the main difference between Flush Urinals and the Hybrid?

Easy Maintenance!

Wait, what?!

If you thought water usage, you were close.

But, why easy maintenance? Here’s why, Calcite Buildup!

CalciteWater-flushing urinals can cause calcite buildup in the urinal trapway and drain lines.  Calcite is a hard substance that bonds within the urinal trap and drain line, clogging the lines and often causing obstruction resulting in back ups and bad odor.  The biggest headache for your maintenance staff (and for your pocket) is that to remove this type of buildup, you will need to remove the urinal to access the drain line and use a drain cleaning machine with cutter heads or a hydrojet system to eliminate the calcite deposit.

In some cases, the buildup is so severe that pipes may need to be replaced.

In the case of waterfree urinals, that function without a large volume regular supply of water, urine forms a soft water soluble substance called struvite. Struvite can cause blockages over time; however, unlike calcite, you can easily remove struvite with a brush and water. For this reason, we recommend you to dump a bucket of water every time you change your Velocity cartridge.

Since our Hybrid technology works as a waterfree urinal in daily use, it dramatically prevents solid calcite build up from accumulating in the drain lines, and because it automatically flushes a full gallon (4 liters) of water every 72 hours, it also cleans out any soft build up that may have occurred in the housing and pipe system!

So, if you want to avoid calcite build up, headaches, and maintenance costs, the answer is simple, you should get a Hybrid!



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