Why do Water Rates Increase?

New Year? New Water Rate?

Apparently, at least in some counties, this is a reality. From New Jersey to Cupertino, local governments are planning to make you pay more for water.

Proposals over new water rates go from 3.8% (effective March 3 but retroactive to Jan 1) up to 50% (over two years). These increases will apply to residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers.

But, why do water rates have to increase?

Well, most of these municipalities water systems treat, deliver and sometimes even purchase gallons of water per day, and we are not talking only about pipelines, pump stations, fire hydrants and storage tanks. You also need to consider the facilities, the processes need to comply with drinking water standards, wells, storage tanks and water meters, as well.

The costs of maintaining and operating these systems are expensive, and local governments rely on water fees for funding.  In some places, these are the first increases in 10 or 15 years!

However, what you might consider a favorable circumstance, is in fact a problem in disguise. Quietly conspiring against millions of Americans, our aging water infrastructure is a concern that can no longer be ignored.

The restoration of the existing water system will cost at least one trillion dollars  over the next 25 years. If you think that’s a lot of money, not taking action now could easily double that amount to up to more than $2 trillion.

Not making an investment today would mean the potential for even higher costs or higher rate increases in the future, affecting the welfare of many households and the productivity and competitiveness of businesses.

If you are a business, today’s new technological advances can help you to prepare for the inevitable costs rises and address a portion of the supply problem as well.

Through water rebates, local governments- like here in Los Angeles- are encouraging business owners to upgrade their facilities to water efficient fixtures such as waterless and hybrid urinals. By improving your commercial restrooms with these technologies, which use little to no water, you will also be saving money on maintenance costs.

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