Sloan Valve: Saving the Chicago River One Hybrid at a Time

Our go-to-market partner, Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, recently partnered with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRDGC) in a pilot program to reduce the use of carbon intensive potable water in Chicago and save more than 580,000 gallons annually.

For this water conservation effort, Sloan donated 15 hybrid urinals, which will be installed by the Plumbers Local 130 union, in the agency’s main office, making MWRD a pioneer of this technology in the local government of Cook County.

“Sloan is ecstatic to partner with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and is encouraged this pilot program has the support of the Sierra Club, Friends of the Chicago River and Plumbers Local 130,” said Chuck Allen, “Everyone has to be committed and work together if we’re going to affect real change in water conservation.”

One of the main objectives of this initiative is the protection of clean water by promoting the reduction of pollution in the Chicago River and wasteful water use, and challenge other governmental entities to take a leadership role on environmental issues.

The use of smart water saving technologies such as the hybrid can greatly reduce water consumption without disrupting your everyday life. This Sloan’s partnership can be replicated across the country.

So, contact your elected officials and ask for a similar pilot program in your area. Let’s all work together to protect our clean water!

*This blog was inspired by Sloan Valve Company’s article. You can read the original blog here.

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