5 Key Benefits of the Velocity Cartridge

Tired of complaints about bad smell? Does your maintenance staff hate to replace sealant? And, are they never sure when to change the cartridges?

Those problems are so 20th Century

And, it’s time for you to meet “The Velocity Cartridge”


With our latest technology, you will get:

1. Cleaner Pipes and Housing

Eliminate the mess and buildup of older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges with our patent-pending anti splash pour spout, which uses speed and directional flow to streamline urine through your housing and your building’s pipes.

Do you want to get completely rid of “calcite” buildup? The Hybrid is what you are looking for! Click here for more information.

2. Better Sealant Retention

The Velocity’s Cartridge new interior baffle retains its sealant barrier even under the most challenging maintenance practices, such as bucket dumping.

3. No More Victims of Splash Back

Nobody likes these “accidents”, and with our new diverter shield, not only your days of splashing back are over, but it also prevents debris from entering the cartridge.

4. Virtually Odor-Free Restrooms

The new Velocity Cartridge eliminated the area that used to cause bacteria to grow and bad smells.

5. Lastly, a Visual Cue When to Replace it!

Your maintenance staff can finally stop memorizing the mantra “When in doubt, change it out”. When liquid levels rise at the end of the cartridge’s lifespan, and it is hard to see the blue marker ring, guess what? It’s time for a change!

*The Velocity Cartridge is available to the North American Market through our exclusive partners, Sloan Valve Company and Bobrick.