CBRE’s Smart Strategy for Water Conservation

CBRE is one of the largest managers of commercial real estate, controlling millions of square feet in more than 60+ countries from a wide variety of office, industrial and retail properties from their headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

In 2007, CBRE acknowledged their environmental responsibility as a large corporate player, and announced their commitment to embed sustainability across their internal operations, assist their clients to move toward more sustainable practices and work with nonprofit organizations whose mission is to protect our natural resources.

The company recognized that buildings are one of the major contributors to global carbon footprint, and in 2010, CBRE became the first company in their industry to achieve zero carbon emissions. Since then, their sustainability programs have helped minimize the impact of buildings on the environment.


As a leader of sustainable real estate practices, and to comply with the environmental laws and regulations of California on water conservation, the organization elected to try out our hybrid technology at their El Monte location.

“The decision to go with the Hybrid comes down to water. The Hybrid provides the water that is needed automatically, and helps meet part of CBRE’s sustainable projects”

Robert Brand, CBRE Chief Engineer.

The Hybrid has helped them save not only money and thousands of gallons of water every year, but also tons of headaches! No more clogged drain lines with ‘calcite’, bucket dumping or restroom odor!

But, how can the Hybrid accomplish all this? By working as a waterfree urinal on a daily basis and automatically flushing a gallon of water every 72 hours.

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