Why California Continues its Water Conservation Efforts

After 5 years of dry weather, California has been hit by a storm system, now heavy rains in parts of The Golden state have taken a big bite out of the drought.

But, our water conservation efforts haven’t changed. Why?

We are not all a bunch of crazy hippies (despite what some of you might believe).

The fact is that California, like Australia, is prone to dry spells, and since we don’t own crystal balls to know what the future will bring, we need to be prepared.

We cannot take water for granted anymore.

Since June 2015, the state has strengthened local drought resiliency, encouraging green building and the use of water efficient technologies coupled with storage, recycling, stormwater capture and other sustainable practices.

Last November, Californians reduced their water demands to 18.8%, which position the state on the right track, especially taking into consideration that by 2020, the state’s population will exceed 40 million, and our water system is not designed to serve the demands of 40 million people, farms and the environment.

Plus, with the increasingly aggravating effects of climate change, water scarcity is ranked as the second major threat to the United States after terrorism!

On January 18th, 2017, The State Water Board will present a proposal with the monitoring results of the conservation levels and water supply conditions, which may include a return to state-mandated conservation targets if conservations levels considerably drop.

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