Best Blog Posts of 2016


From the Velocity cartridge to the 4 types of drought, throughout 2016, we have been writing about sustainability, B Corps, interior design, technology and our customers.

Curious to see what our most popular post of this year were? Take a look to the top ten.

  1. Why do Hotels Need to Save Water?

hd-luxury-wallpaper-1Did you know that for many hotels, water accounts for 10% of utility bills, and by purchasing fresh water and then by disposing it as waste water, most hotels pay twice for it? So, How can hotels conserve water? Find out here.

  1. Santa Monica’s Water Self- Sufficiency Efforts: An Interview with Joel Cesare

Ocean_AvenueJoel Cesare, Sustainable Building Adviser for the Office of Sustainability and Environment, is helping Santa Monica move towards complete water self-sufficiency. Read more about Santa Monica’s sustainability plans here.


  1. What are the 4 Types of Drought?

pexels-photo-106606California Is suffering of a drought, but do you know which one? (Extra points if you do!)



  1. An Interview with Steve Bronson

ADlogo_C7From janitorial business to e-commerce. Learn more about the success story of Steve Bronson, owner of, one of our key distributors.

  1. An Interview with Ned Goldsmith: The Innovative Force Behind Falcon’s Technology

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Ned Goldsmith, VP Water Conservation

Ned Goldsmith, the mind behind the Hybrid urinal and the Synergy hockey stick..? Read more about him here.



  1. 4 Ways to Prepare for a More Sustainable Tomorrow

sunset-beach-1149800_960_720We all need to conserve water, but what do local government bodies and commercial building owners in California need to do to be more water resilient?


  1. An Interview with Simon A. Davis: Sustainability Visionary

Simon A. Davis, President and CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies

Simon A. Davis, President and CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies, whose sustainability efforts have elevated our company’s vision and innovation.





  1. The Truth About Flushing

Flush_Bacteria_colorI bet you knew that bacteria, as all living things on this planet, need water for survival. But, how much do you know about the “aerosol effect”? Learn more about it here.



  1. Retrofit Hybrid Splashes into the Market

Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world's most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.
Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world’s most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.

The Hybrid is the ultimate solution to get rid of that pesky pipe build up.  Don’t have a new construction? No problem! The Retrofit is Here!







  1. Six Reasons Why Once You Try the Velocity Cartridge, You’ll Never Go Back

wes150_graybgWant to save money, water and keep your pipes clean and a restroom odor-free? The Velocity cartridge is for you! Your maintenance staff can thank us later.