What is the B Corp Inclusive Challenge

Throughout this year, we have shared with you our happiness to have brought plumbing fixtures to Baby Lisa, donated to the Orthopaedic Institute for Children, helped bring running water to Navajo American families and educated the public about water scarcity and being a B Corp.

On top of this, we are proud of our team, who has achieved over 200 hours of community service and 300+ hours of learning and training. Go team Falcon!

However, sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and inspired by the last 12 months of visceral violence and powerful negative emotions, the B Corp community decided that an inclusive economy has been already overdue.

Capitalism is falling short of supporting the well-being of all, and as community leaders and beacons of change, our businesses must reflect the world in which we live in by creating opportunity for those who have been marginalized, improving the performance on inclusion and diversity.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies is proud to be part of the B Corp Inclusion Challenge. But, what is this Inclusion Challenge all about?

For the Inclusion Challenge and to help us focus our efforts, the B Lab has selected several metrics out of the Impact Assessment to create the Inclusive Economy Metric Set.  Each participating B Corporation will choose three or more metrics from, divided into three different categories: workplace, community and governance.

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