The Gift of Water

B Corporations believe in the power of using business as a force for good. For Falcon Waterfree Technologies, this means that we do more than designing awesome water/money saving urinal technologies.

For us, sustainable development is the perfect balance in fulfilling both technological and economical needs while ensuring the health and integrity of the environment and our society.

Water is a precious resource, and we as Americans forget how lucky we are for not struggling for it every single day.

Throughout our sustainable journey, we have developed a strong bond with Dig Deep, an American non-profit organization that treats water as a human right, which is currently serving Americans living in water poverty.

So, if you are feeling a little bit more giving than usual this holiday season or have “the person who has everything” in your shopping list, give the gift of water and help 75 families transform their lives forever with clean, running water and electricity for the first time in their lives. After all, you just need to do a small yet impactful change to make the world a better place.

Read more about George McGraw, Founder and Executive Director of DIGDEEP, here.

Want to know more about our Do Good projects? This 2016, Falcon celebrated World Water Day by helping on the Baby Lisa Project, which will soon reunite Baby Lisa with her mother, and alongside Sloan donated to bring water conserving fixtures to the Orthopaedic Institute for Children.