Why Being A B Corp is So Good

It is not a secret that B Corporations have become an unstoppable force, ever since the first generation was certified in 2007, the 1,700 B Corporations in 50 countries have grown exponentially, changing completely the landscape of American corporations and bringing corporate governance to the 21st century.

Combining corporate self-interest with social and environmental issues is part of the process of becoming a B Corporation, and for Falcon, a company founded on the principle of ecological conservation, embedding sustainability across our business operations and daily practices was the clear next step for Simon A. Davis, President and CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

Engaging Conscious Consumers

Information is king, and in a world, where consumers, demand transparency and a do-good attitude, and everybody claims to be “green” and “good”, businesses, need to authentically demonstrate their social and environmental responsibility, to successfully achieve competitive advantage in their marketplace.

For mission-driven companies like Falcon, the certification has ensured preservation of our environmental commitment and built credibility among our customers; ultimately, improving our sales, and fueling our sustainability approach across our product development. The Velocity Cartridge and Hybrid urinal are two clear examples of green products that deliver water savings and effectively enhance product functionality.

Identifying Operational Cost- Savings & Product Improvement Opportunities

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and one of the many benefits of the certification is to be able to learn from like-minded business, who are constantly improving their social and environmental programs.

B Corp certifications are tough, because of this certified companies hold an increasingly higher standard for operations, product, giving back, governance, worker well being and much more.  For a water conservation pioneer, such as Falcon, the challenge to constantly evolve to boost our C Corp score is taken very seriously, since it opens the opportunity to always improve any waste and operational inefficiencies. For example, The Velocity Cartridge, not only now has a greener footprint, compared to previous models, it also helps our customers reduce restroom odor, while maintaining cleaner pipes and housing without any splashing back.

Additionally, did you know by installing waterfree and hybrid urinals you can actually earn B Corp points in the B Impact Assessment?  If you’re interested in learning more about B Corporations, or just want to see where you stand compared to average businesses check out the B Corporation Quick Impact Assessment.

Also, don’t be a stranger! We are here to help.  Andrea Chase, our Marketing & Product Director, is the Chair of B Local Los Angeles.  Feel free to contact her at achase@falconwaterfree.com to learn more about becoming a B Corp or with any B Corp related questions.