An Interview With Louie Barron: Customer Satisfaction Specialist

In today’s blog post, we are asking Louie Barron, Falcon’s Service Technician for expert advice on how to install and maintain our waterfree or hybrid urinals.

When did you start working for Falcon?

I started working for Falcon in August 2002.

What do you do on the field?

My job in the field is to keep the customers happy while maintaining the units working their best. For example, I address any customer concerns and I also do service training on how to install our products.

What are the most common mistakes when installing our waterfree and hybrid units?

Two of the major mistakes that I see on the field are:

  1. Backwards rubber bushing installation, which causes odor and leaks.
  2. Not using a plumbing snake before installing our urinals, which leads to fast clogging pipes. The customer might have installed a 2inch drain line; however, over time, that line turns into a nickel-size hole clogged with calcite, a cement like sediment that can only be removed with a plumbing snake. If the clients miss this step, in three months or so, the drain lines would clog with struvite. Struvite is water soluble and easy to remove, but you need to clean that 2inch drain line to solve the problem completely to avoid fast clogging. So, my advice would be to pay the plumbers the extra fee and start with clean and fresh pipes!

What would you consider are the best practices when changing a cartridge?

  1. Make sure you brush the drain lines.
  2. And, dump a bucket of hot water. If hot water is not available, cold water would do just fine. This procedure would break any struvite sediment collected in the pipes.

What tips would you recommend to maintain the waterfree urinals?

For waterfree customers, I usually recommend them to flush a gallon of water every 72 hours to maximize the Velocity cartridge’s life and keep the pipes clean. Hybrid customers do not have to worry about this step, because the Hybrid automatically does it for you.

What other piece of advice could you give to our clients?

Want to know more about restroom odors? Download this Document HERE

One problem that I see a lot is that people complain about bad smells, and when I arrive, the problem is never our urinals.  Most of the time, a bad toilet installation is the cause of the bad smell.

So, when a customer complains about bad smells, the first thing that I do is to check if a toilet moves. If it does, it means that when the client cut off the water line to install our waterfree or hybrid urinals, they also remove the extra water source that was keeping the concentrated fumes in check. With that water gone, now, the customers need to take care of that bad installation or any crack will emit sewage gas.

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