Water and Money Saving Tricks to Keep your Restroom Clean

Did you know that 17 percent of the public water supply withdrawals serve the commercial and institutional sector? *

It might sound crazy. However, think about it. Most commercial buildings have large kitchens, high-volume laundry rooms and multi-faucet public restrooms, which require large amounts of water to operate each day, and all of them require cleaning too.

Nowadays, Reducing water consumption has become one of the most important social reasons for green building the United States. For instance, California, a region that has never been a stranger to prolonged periods of dryness, and where local laws and municipalities (such as the Metropolitan Water District) offer rebate and incentive programs to make water saving technologies more affordable for commercial customers, water conservation efforts in commercial buildings are mandatory under state law to withstand the current arid conditions.

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However, many commercial building owners after replacing all their inefficient toilets and urinals with waterfree and hybrid urinals and install aerators on standard faucets, want to reduce even more their water use and lower down the building’s utility bills.

But, how can they do it? How can YOU do it?

Well, one way is to reduce the amount of water you use in cleaning the restrooms, but be careful! With restrooms, the stakes are high, and you’ll be walking a fine line between giving your customers the perception that you care for them with a spotless bathroom or fueling bad reviews on Yelp about your poor management. (Because it’s 2016)

So, one first step would be to audit your water use before setting your goals. Your staff probably already keeps a daily cleaning schedule, so use it to track down how much water they pour and dispose as they go through their cleaning routine, and identify possible problem areas.

After understanding how much water you use for cleaning, multiply it by their frequency. Remember, your staff might be cleaning several times a day each restroom and not just once! So, do not compromise disinfection.

Here are two more water saving tips for cleaning your commercial restroom:

  1. Touchless Technologies require a gentle approach:

While wiping hands-free faucets, teach your maintenance staff to block sensors with their hands to avoid multiple activations during the cleaning process.

  1. No running faucets!

Advise your staff to not leave unattended faucets when they are filling up buckets or other cleaning containers.

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*Source: https://www3.epa.gov/watersense/docs/ws-es_ci_meetingpresentations_100212_final_508.pdf