The Hybrid Urinal: LADWP Headquarter’s New Water Savings Solution

The Golden State has never been a stranger to prolonged periods of dryness. However, the 21st Century drought has been the most intense ever recorded. In fact, the past three years have been the hottest and driest in about 120 years.*

After the drought of 1987-1992, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, LADWP, increased its water conservation efforts throughout the city and within the organization itself.

This year California entered its fifth of drought, and to step up to the challenge, the largest municipal utility provider in the United States invested in getting 3 hybrid urinals, our latest water saving invention, to lower LADWP’s water use.

Our Hybrid Urinal works as a waterfree urinal daily, and automatically flushes a full gallon of water through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours, eliminating both the bucket dumping and bottle brush cleaning, and helping clean out any sediment build up from your housing and pipes.

“We find the Hybrid Urinal fixtures not only save water compared to conventional flush type urinals, but also reduce maintenance and extend cartridge life compared to other water free urinals installed at this facility. Our maintenance personnel are very happy with these fixtures.“ says David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

To take one step further their commitment to the 21st Century, the LADWP now uses our Velocity Cartridge, which also reduces restroom odor and splash back, retains sealant better, cues when to replace it and helps keeping your pipes and housing even cleaner.

Ready to welcome in 2017 with our new hybrid?

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*Source: Journal Scientific Reports