Designing Cool Office Spaces: 5 Trends to Follow

Offices are our second home. Even if we don’t particularly like this idea. It’s true.

We spend 57% of our daily lives at work. At average, we spend about 25 to 30 years of our lives sitting at our desks. * Depressing? Maybe..

BUT, it doesn’t have to be anymore. The Day of Doom for the gray cubicle is approaching. (YAY!)

Green building is not a trend. It’s a necessity. Healthier spaces save you money and positively affect the mental, physical and social well-being of its occupants. The era of office spaces that are cool and stimulate creativity and innovation is on the rise.

So, grab a pencil and take note! Because if you want to be cool and create a more productive environment, these are the trends to follow:

  1. Want Innovation? Embrace Analog Interactions

Intentional analog spaces foster collaboration. Offices with multi-colored furniture, graffiti murals and board games (we all still love Legos, don’t we?) might look like adult play rooms, but each of these workplaces have been carefully designed to increase interactions among employees to boost productivity and innovation.

Companies such as Etsy and Gensler inspire creativity by offering employees spaces to craft and experiment new ideas with paintbrushes, yarns and even 3-D printers!

  1. Time to be bold

Cool offices mix colors, patterns and textures- sometimes even in the same room! It’s all about making a statement and not to be boring.

  1. Green! Green!

Every year, more and more companies are embracing sustainable practices, and they want to inject their new corporate culture sustainability across the organization. Offices are adding rooftop tanks to collect rainwater, use of eco-friendly materials, and LEED compliant restrooms that use waterfree and hybrid urinals for water savings. (Want to know more about them? Click here and take advantage of our 2016 Promo.)

  1. Brighten it up

Do you know that you can increase the productivity and concentration of employees and their overall feeling of health and well-being with the flick of a switch?

So, make lighting the office’s centerpiece and not an afterthought. For example, use dimmer bulbs casual congregation places and get more powerful lights for meeting rooms.

  1. Add some flavor

Embrace the city’s own culture and inject into the office space. Live in an eccentric city? Hire a local artist to make a mural. Office in a historical town? Paint homage to the most significant past events in different rooms.

Need visual inspiration? Take a look to the World’s Coolest Offices of 2016.

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