Touchless Technologies: The New Frontier in Restroom Hygiene

Nobody likes to catch a cold.

Public health issues make headlines so often that many people are constantly scared of sharing surfaces with other people around.

Of course, keeping a daily cleaning schedule is part of janitorial best practices but, most restroom patrons still do not feel as if it is clean enough, and take extraordinary lengths to not touch flush handles (kicking anyone?), resulting in damage and high maintenance costs.

What we all want to do is use the restroom, wash our hands and leave the room without touching anything. Never under appreciate the intense experiences that users have had around bathroom. Have you ever entered an unclean restroom? I bet that image still haunts you from time to time.

For facility executives, finding the perfect dichotomy between cleanliness without increasing maintenance costs is a challenge. But, it doesn’t have to be…

Touchless technologies are the result of a market driven change that addresses this precise concern.

High-volume facilities such as convention centers, multi-purpose sports arenas and amphitheaters switch to waterfree and hybrid technologies not only for the money and water saving benefits, but also the fact that these technologies minimize cross contamination and increase hygiene.

Let’s remember that a restroom’s appeal can make or break a customer.

Waterfree and hybrid urinals are completely touchless, eliminating your worry about poor flushing habits in commercial male restrooms.

As the name describes, a waterfree urinal doesn’t use water, but it requires a cartridge like our Velocity Cartridge that effectively eliminates build up and helps to keep your commercial restroom virtually odor-free. The Hybrid, on the other hand, works as a waterfree urinal daily, but automatically flushes a full gallon of water through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours.

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