Tips for Maintaining Waterfree Urinals

So, you decided to have a LEED compliant restroom and take advantage of our 2016 promo (Click here for more information), and now, you are wondering how to properly maintain your brand-new waterfree urinals.

Well, good news! Whether retrofitting or installing new, maintaining our waterfree or hybrid urinals is pretty straightforward and simple.

The obvious difference between our waterfree and hybrid urinals is that you do not need to connect to any existing water lines for waterfree.

Maintaining a waterfree urinal requires the same amount of cleaning and disinfection than any other traditional urinal.

For example, if the waterfree or hybrid urinal is located in a high-traffic area, your maintenance staff should keep up a regular cleaning routine, including replacing the cartridge periodically. We would also advise to keep a log to track cartridge changes and maintenance and move to a scheduled change out, just like a maintenance company would do for all the light bulbs in your facility.

Bucket-dumping is an essential part of maintaining waterfree because helps wash out any soft build up, also known as  struvite, that may have occurred. A practice that your maintenance staff will never experience if you purchase a Hybrid, since it automatically flushes a full gallon of water through the housing and pipe system every 72 hours.

And forget about replacing the sealant!

Our Velocity Cartridge can retain its sealant barrier even during harsh maintenance practices, and give you much more!

Thanks to its new design, the Velocity Cartridge can effectively eliminate the mess and build up (associated with our older technology and any of our competitor’s cartridges), keeps your restroom virtually odor-free (Nobody likes a smelly restroom anyways!), and its new diverter shield reduces splash back and prevents debris from entering the cartridge.

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