Practical Guide: Pantone’s Color Report Spring 2017

Eighty percent of the human experience is filtered through the eyes, and choosing the appropriate colors for a commercial restroom can make or break a space. Cleanness is essential, but a restroom’s appeal can drive customers away or encourage their return, and with today’s attractive commercial-grade products, your restroom should no longer sacrifice beauty in favor of durability.

Commercial restrooms are now a combination of sustainability (LEED points!), hygiene, water and energy conserving functions and style. So, if you are thinking about impressing your customers with a fresh new look, take into consideration the latest Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Spring 2017.

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017
Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for Spring 2017

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pantone_logo-svgThe Pantone Color Institute is the leading authority and provider of color systems.  Featuring the top shades on the runway of wearable fashion, the10-color PANTONE Fashion Color Report is also workable and relevant for interior design. Ranging from bright and vivid to those that convey a sense of earthiness, the collection is a reminiscent of the hues that surround us in nature.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, said that “One of the things that we saw this year, was a renewed sense of imagination in which color was appearing in a context that was different than the traditional,”, so expect an intentional use of color for commercial design interiors in 2017.

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