“Make a Small yet Impactful Change” An Interview with George McGraw [PART 2]

As a B Corp, we believe in harnessing the power of business to help build a more sustainable community. In our journey, we have been influenced by liked-minded parties who aspire to improve the world we live in. In today’s post, we share the second part of our conversation with George McGraw, Founder and Executive Director of DIGDEEP, —with whom we love to collaborate on initiatives that move towards a future with clean running water for everyone.   

What are some of the future projects/campaigns Dig Deep is working on?

Dig Deep has two kinds of projects:

  1. Water projects, where we partner with local communities to develop resources for people who don’t have clean running water at home.
  2. And, education projects for people that have water, but often take it for granted like the #4Liters Challenge.

After the #4Liters Challenge this October, we are launching a really exciting project in November, where we would be able to bring water and electricity into homes in the Navajo Nation, New Mexico by installing solar panels, sinks, water heaters, showers and batteries that are water pumped.


Why does DigDeep like to partner with Falcon Waterfree Technologies?

We think the future of conservation is all about taking something that we already do and making it better. It’s not about radically disrupting or changing our lives it’s about making them friendlier and more efficient, and Falcon understands this. After all, we all have to go to the bathroom, right? So, why not do it in the most sustainable way possible.

It is the perfect example of a small but impactful change that we all can make in our buildings, stadiums and cities.

Plus, we also think Falcon is a young and innovative company, full of dreamers and believers like us, and when we partner in a project, awesome things happen.

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