The Key to Long-Lasting Green buildings: Start from Within

Greenbuilding has been a rising trend around the world. However, it takes more than hiring a sustainability consultant and add some green design features to authentically align organizations with any green building project.

To make a sustainable change that can help our cities to become more resilient toward the population increase and accelerated urbanization, the transformation has to start from within.

The mindset of the end-users – their beliefs, values and higher purpose, is the main driver for building performance, encapsulating a cycle in where, users are, ultimately, also the beneficiaries of healthier buildings, which it is why the widespread adoption of identifying the physical, mental and social well-being of tenants and occupants is on the rise in the design and construction industry in the US.

With the infusion of a sustainable leadership, encouraging people to use sustainable ways of living and working, green buildings improve overall employee satisfaction and engagement, produce lower absenteeism and increase the organization’s ability to attract talent, owners are, basically, boosting their initial building investments.

In a world, where the future of green building is relying on helping people to make a difference every day, and less in the building itself, Falcon’s Waterfree Hybrid urinals utilizing the Velocity cartridge, are a great example of how a small but impactful change has the ability to make a difference.

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