Staple Center’s Foolproof Tip for Water Conservation

Clean water is not abundant anymore. California is in the middle of its fifth year of drought, and for centuries, the southern part of the state, in particular, has always been struggling with dry weather. The impact of the increasing population growth, climate change and inefficient water use in the decades to come are set to go to even put more pressure on our precious water resources.

Everyone on this planet has the responsibility to protect our water, and it is our aim to help customers like you to build a stronger, water resilient infrastructure and perform at your best whether you are a commercial building, the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles Convention Center or the Staples Center.

Falcon Water-free urinal technology is the perfect example of how a small switch can create an impactful change. The Staples Center, home of four professional sports franchises and the host of high-profile national and international events, has been operating in the most sustainable way possible, reducing their water use per guest to 16% from 2007 to 2011.

After opening its doors in 1999, the Staples Center decided to take a further step in 2007 and removed their 178 one-gallon per flush urinals to install Falcon Waterfree urinals. With this installation, the facility has been saving water, energy and money ALL at the same time.

Bill Pottorff, Vice President for Engineering, says “We have estimated that we are saving approximately $2,350 per month at STAPLES Center in direct water costs, not factoring sewer charges and any other municipal taxes. Each urinal saves roughly 4.5 HCF per month.  We save just over 7,000,000 gallons per year.”

After using the C1M2+ cartridge for several years, the facility decided to switch to the Velocity cartridge as soon as it debuted on the market two years ago. Since then, the Velocity cartridges have helped them keep their pipes and housing cleaner and virtually odor-free.

If you are ready to save money and invest in the future of water, get our latest PROMO and receive four FREE Velocity cartridges with your installation of Waterfree Urinals or Hybrid.