World Green Building Trends 2016: United States

Last month, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) partnering with Dodge Data & Analytics released “World Green Building Trends 2016”.

The report shows that green building is a global trend widely adopted, even though priorities and obstacles vary country-by-country.

In the U.S, nearly half of the respondents (44%) report that more than 30% of their projects are green, and 58% report that they will be involved in green building by 2018, a strong expectation of growth.

The report mentions that over 40% of the respondents are expecting to be doing green projects in the institutional, commercial and existing building sectors in the next three years. With 43% reporting that they will be involved in green retrofits of existing buildings in the next three years, the US is particularly higher in this category than the 37% of the global average.

The findings of this report also indicate that 70% U.S business owners consider higher initial investment costs followed by lack of market demand are the two top barriers to the growth of green building. After the recession in 2008, recent concerns about rising costs for skilled labor and building materials have emerged, affecting business owners’ decision about building green.

The results also reveal that the three most important social reasons for green building in the US are that it encourages sustainable business practice, it reduces energy consumption and water consumption. According to the study, respondents in the U.S are notably more worried about water conservation than respondents in Europe, China and Australia, which could be the result of the high priority placed on reducing water consumption in drought-prone regions such as California, and the influence of LEED and other green certifications.

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