Getting Ready for Greenbuild 2016: Los Angeles Convention Center

Greenbuild is finally here! The world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building is next week from October 5th-7th, 2016.

The event provides a unique opportunity to visit more than 600 suppliers and top manufacturers of the latest green building equipment, products, services and technology available in today’s market and over 200 educational sessions.

IMG_6239-mediumGreenbuild is not your average conference as the organizers at the United States Green Building Council are always trying to minimize the environmental impact of the event. This year’s Greenbuild is going to be celebrated at the Los Angeles Convention Center, which launched a massive retrofit project for its over 700 toilets and 30 urinals last year as an effort to reduce overall water consumption and upgrade to the latest green technologies.

Each year, the center hosts more than 2 million visitors and 350 events. This pioneering project took place on September 14th, 2015, and has been saving the building, as well as the city, millions of gallons of water since.

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) was one of the first institutions in the world to install our new Hybrid Urinal technology, which reduces nearly 100% of water usage, using Sloan’s revolutionary Jetrinse TM Solution Technology created by Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world's most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.
Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world’s most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.

This technology merged the best attributes of the waterfree technology with the best of the flushing technology. Our Hybrid Urinals work as a waterfree urinal in daily use and automatically performs a full gallon (4 liter) flush through the pipes and housing every 72 hours, adding up to only 102 gallons of water a year – regardless of the users.

LACC also optimizes the effects of our Hybrid urinal technology by using our latest Velocity cartridge.

Come and visit us at the Sloan Booth #2143 at Greenbuild, and learn about our FREE turnkey water rebate services to upgrade your commercial restrooms to water efficient fixtures.

Together, we can build a long-term, drought resistant and sustainable infrastructure in LA!