An Interview with Simon A. Davis: Sustainability Visionary

In today’s blog post, we are excited to feature an interview with Simon A. Davis, President and CEO of Falcon Waterfree Technologies, whose sustainability efforts have elevated our company’s vision and innovation.

When you first started working for Falcon, what was the state of sustainability at the company?

From my perspective when I arrived to Falcon in early 2013, the general desire to do something was very present within the company. However, there was no real clear mission of sustainability across the organization.

When you came in, what did you see as the future for sustainability within the company?

As soon as I arrived, I had the feeling that sustainability both in product and the way we engage with customers, suppliers and employees should become a key pillar of our business strategy. Engaged employees are the driving force of an organization’s success and in order to recruit and retain a world class team in a competitive job market, corporate social responsibility is a powerful lever for building employee engagement.

While I was going through these thought processes, one of our investors, Capricorn encouraged me to look into B Corporations. I found it was the perfect platform to establish our new sustainability vision across the company and product development. Both, the industry leading Velocity Cartridge and the new to the world Hybrid urinals, are the result of these values existing at Falcon’s core.

What were some influences for the incorporation of sustainability within the company?

One of my major influencers/teachers is my son. For me, it’s astonishing that despite his young age, he and his friends already possess an innate capacity to make the world a better place.

I also found inspiring that at his many school events, the school rewards the classes that waste less or recycle the most. As caretakers of the future, it is our job to teach the next generation to protect our planet.

My last major inspiration came from Yvon Chouinard’s book, “Let My People Go Surfing”, who is the founder of Patagonia. After reading his stories, I wanted to emulate the respect that he shares among his employees, customers and communities. One morning, I invited six members of my team to have breakfast at my house to discuss the topic. Their immediate passion made me realize that this was an opportunity to embed sustainability efforts across our organization.

What unexpected lessons did you learn through the process of becoming a B Corp?

We are the first company in the building technology sector, as such, we have learned a couple of lessons along the way, including:

  • As a B Corp, we treat all members equally. Everybody is compensated and has an opportunity to learn.
  • Do business with like-minded people.
  • B Corps Certifications are tough. The audit is as thorough as ISO quality certifications that I have done in the past. It takes a lot of effort and teamwork.
  • It’s an on-going process, sustainability is a journey, not a destination.
  • Last but not least, I learned that a company can be profitable and give back as well.


How has Falcon benefited from this sustainable approach?

This approach has allowed Falcon team members to not only connect with the organization, but also with each other. We are constantly looking for improvement across our business and everyday lives.

It has also allowed us to improve our sales. Customers are increasingly driving companies to develop sustainable products, and we are one of the first businesses that has reoriented their strategy to serve our customer needs.

We have also the opportunity to interact with other like-minded B Corps, whose best practices, inventions and overall entrepreneurial spirit has been truly inspiring.

What are Falcon’s long-term sustainability goals?

I think our long term goals are to be the worlds’ most efficient water technology company delivered by a dedicated team of people who passionately desire to make a difference for the good of the planet and the future of the mankind. I cannot wait to see this continue to come to life as we take bold strides ahead.