Case Study: How The Corona-Norco School District is Saving Water and Money

Throughout history, California, and most of the southwestern United States, has been struggling with dry weather, and in the face of global warming, an inefficient water system and overpopulated areas, and water conservation technologies are an established approach to reduce water consumption while saving money.

California school officials economize as much as they can, and in the face of soaring bills, rebates presented a unique opportunity for installing Waterfree Urinals in the Corona-Norco Unified School District in Corona, Calif. In an effort to lower water consumption district-wide.

According to the Corona-Norco Unified School District website, the fastest-growing school district in Southern California, leading by example is the best way to teach their students to be environmentally responsible, a valuable lesson since sustainable practices will help us maintain our quality of life as human beings.

After testing different styles and brands of urinals, officials reached the decision that Falcon/Sloan high performance technology water conservation products were the right choice, and three years later all existing 45 elementary, middle and high schools have been saving thousands of gallons of water every day in their more than 600 Waterfree Urinals.

In fact, the increasing benefits of the Waterfree Urinals persuaded the district officials to mandate their installation in all new schools, and are retrofitting restrooms for modular, on-site facilities.

Besides water conservation and financial savings, front-line maintenance personnel discovered the ease of use of Waterfree Urinals and their cartridges, which can be replaced on an as-needed basis and simplify their daily routines, eliminating their previous concerns about these fixtures creating new headaches.

“Cartridges last about three to four months near the gym and in other high-traffic restrooms and about six months in less-trafficked areas,” says Peter Normand, lead plumber of Corona-Norco.

Water rebates encouraged Corona-Norco into trying Waterfree Urinals, and the long term savings on utility costs of these fixtures will easily pay for themselves, preparing schools to the inevitable rise of water costs, especially in California, where water conservation is always needed during drought and even wet winters.

*This blog was created in partnership with Sloan Valve Company. You can read their blog here.