Here’s Why California Still Needs to Save Water

After 5 years of drought and just ONE relatively wet winter in Northern California, state and local officials have given authority to several districts to ditch water conservation regulations, including a handful of Southern California districts where El Niño storms fell far short.

With the state’s northern reservoirs, filled near average, residents are feeling the temptation to water their lawns and forget their conservation efforts.

But by the end of this summer, California will have to pay for its hasty retreat from water policies since the drought is not over. According to a new report from UCLA, Californians are in for three more years of below-average rainfall.

The effect of the most severe drought in the past 1,200 years on Sierra Nevada’s snowpack is so intense that the area is not expecting to recover until 2019, even with accounting for above-average precipitation years. Sierra Nevada Mountains’ snowmelt is a crucial water reservoir, providing about 30 percent of water for Californians during the warmer months.

However, water conservation is needed despite drought or wet winter, regulators need to account for the uncertainty of the weather- the aggravating effects of global warming- and face the fact that California’s water system is not designed to serve the demands of 39 million people, farms and environment.

The state needs to strengthen local drought resiliency by making conservation practices permanent, and phasing out less water efficient buildings and practices. Green building design, construction and operational practices are establishing the benefits of constructing sustainable buildings.

Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world's most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.
Utilize local rebates to save water and upgrade your facility to the world’s most advanced urinal technology for little to no cost.

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