Tips for Greening your Business and Lessons to Learn from Patagonia

As a B Corp, founded on the principle of ecological conservation, we at Falcon Waterfree Technologies love collaborations with other B Corps, such as Roundpeg, who share out same ethical vision to improve the world we live in. We are influenced by other like-minded institutions who aspire to use the power of markets to solve complex social and environmental problems. In today’s post, we recognize Patagonia’s impact and efforts to continue to be a leader in green business.

In the book,  Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard explains Patagonia’s move from the back of a truck to an organization that sells more than $250 million annually today – while still maintaining a commitment to the environment and to his employees. Despite the challenges involved, Patagonia has found a way to press forward in their path toward sustainability.

Tom_Frost_-_Skunkworks_-_1969 Patagonia_(Unternehmen)_logo.svgThe message of the book might be simple, but it proves that companies can reduce their environmental footprint, reclaim deep knowledge of supply chain, and treat their workers, customers and communities with respect. Proving that corporate success doesn’t need to lead us toward ecological bankruptcy, after all.

Sustainability means to positively solve customer and societal problems instead of trying to find a way around them. Here at Falcon, we have focused on our customers needs and have spent the last few years innovating and creating the best, most reliable products- such as our waterless and hybrid urinals– to help commercial building owners conserve water, and save money without sacrificing functionality. After all, water conservation is, ultimately, the responsibility of everyone.

Additionally, in order to help move the needle in areas heavily impacted by drought such as Los Angeles, we are giving back by offering free turn-key rebate processing for commercial customers interested in upgrading their facilities to water efficient restrooms.  This not only helps build a long term sustainable infrastructure, but will also help support local municipalities and government. We invite you to take advantage of our giving back initiatives and join us in the movement to build long lasting sustainable infrastructures.

Let my People go Surfing covers all sorts of aspects of sustainable integration into the business and case studies of both triumph and failure on the road to discovering balance in the never ending journey towards sustainable innovation.  Give it a read, we don’t think you’ll regret it!