How to get a Commercial Water Rebate Program in California

Every single organism on Earth needs water to survive. Considering that most of our planet is covered in water, it seems strange for some of us to think that fresh water is a limited resource, and that lack of access to clean drinking water is further limited due to contamination and natural circumstances such as a drought. In response to this historic drought, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order, Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life, and The Metropolitan Water District has expanded its SoCal Water$mart rebate and incentive programs to make saving water more affordable for commercial customers. It is time to reevaluate the way we relate to water and our declining water supplies!

Who can be part of the program?

Any commercial, industrial or institutional customer within Metropolitan’s 5,200 square-mile, six-county service area are eligible for rebates on indoor and outdoor water-saving devices.  Common areas in townhouses, condominiums, mobile homes and apartment complexes are considered commercial customers, as well as landscapes managed by a homeowners associations.

If you are a contractor who meets specific business requirements, you can apply to participate in Metropolitan’s Contractor Direct Rebate Program. The SoCal Water$mart Program provides screened and approved contractors with the ability to receive rebate payments directly for installations of eligible products.

Basic Eligibility Requirements 

  • Rebate amounts vary by participating water agencies and are subject to change without notice.
  • Metropolitan reserves the right to verify and inspect the installation of rebated devices.
  • Metropolitan provides a list of qualified products for rebate eligibility.  (LADWP offers $500 in rebates per waterfree urinal. Learn more about it here)
  • A reservation must be submitted online at and approved prior to the purchase and installation of the device(s).
  • For detailed eligibility Terms & Conditions and guidelines of the Program, go to


California officials have been offering these rebates to help commercial building owners lead the movement towards water efficient technologies like waterless urinals and the hybrid, which conserve water as well as keep money in your pocket. Since we know water audits can be a tricky process, we offer free rebate processing for all customers to upgrade their commercial restrooms to water efficient fixtures. 

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