What is Drop 100?

After 5 consecutive years of drought, El Niño rehydrated California’s Northern half, missing the southern part of the state almost entirely. As a result, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order, Making Water Conservation a California Way of Life, reducing the targeted conservation percentages for Northern California and leaving the South with no changes. Even though, the relatively wet winter can give us a false sense of security, protecting the accessibility and quality of our fresh water supplies remains a challenge.


Since the last major drought of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, Los Angeles has been improving the city’ water resilience and adapting to the dry weather. Even with more than a million residents, the city has managed to use as much water as 45 years ago, only 113 gallons per person every day. 

In collaboration with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s sustainable city plan, Drop 100 is an initiative to ensure that commercial buildings are saving a 100 million gallons of water each year by setting big goals and putting them into practice.  The organizations enrolled in the program can get local and national acknowledgement for their projects, make unique connections with like-minded organizations committed to saving water and developing best practices, access information on real-world case studies and technical assistance from Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge* to support their business water-saving goals.  Some examples of high impact projects are:

  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment:  Save 15- 40%
  • Water Re-use and Recycling:  Save 50% or more
  • Smart Irrigation Save: 10- 30%
  • And of Course Installation of water conservation devices in the restroom!


Water is essential for our survival. The key to ensure its long term sustainability is to use it more efficiently by implementing policies and water efficient technologies— such as Falcon’s waterfree and hybrid urinal technologies.

*The LA Better Buildings Challenge is an initiative to achieve 20 percent energy and water savings across 60 million square feet or existing buildings by 2020. Sponsored by the U.S Department of Energy and funded primarily by LADWP, the LABBC is an unbiased third party resource to support organization committed to achieving meaningful energy and water savings.